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Engaging content Benjamin Franklin was an entrepreneur, diplomat, and world-renowned scientist—but he was also America's founding communication genius. From the characters he created, like Silence Dogood, to wildly successful publications like Poor Richard's Almanack,
He creatand , in addition to being Richard Fawal is the Founder and President of Junto Media, providing communication strategies and consulting for businesses with high-level subject matter expertise, think tanks, trade associations, scientists, and tech experts.  Richard is a highly accomplished senior executive and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in digital publishing, web & application development, media relations, politics and public affairs.  

Leveraging extensive experience successfully creating strategic marketing, product and growth plans and innovating new products and services, he is a valuable asset for start-ups to established companies looking to exceed their goals and attain rapid growth while producing products that will be successful quickly. He provides the digital storytelling for products and services. Previously, he was Associate Vice President of Communications at the Brookings Institution, one of the nation’s top think tanks. 

His broad areas of expertise include strategic planning, accelerating brand growth, marketing communications, campaign development and execution, cultivating new markets, and obtaining optimal levels of brand awareness in highly competitive market segments. He is interested in organizations rooted in experimentation, critical thinking, and advocacy communication. He is innovative, known for building successful companies, divisions, and campaigns from the ground up. 

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